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Our Promise

Hotel quality with all of the creature comforts of home...

uSnooz was created to fill a gap in the market for large groups, families and contractors who were tired of experiencing 'cabin fever' when checking into cramped hotel rooms.

Guests loved the idea of the extra space, free parking, private gardens and extra amenities. On top of that, there's the added bonus of BIG savings when compared to hotel rates.

Experience showed us that there was a vast difference in quality in the short-stay market. It's a cottage industry (often quite literally!) with no consistency. Choosing your home was a lottery and you're left crossing your fingers, hoping that you don't arrive and be disappointed.

We took all the great features of a hotel;

- Quality interior design

- Professional guest management IT for bookings/payment and communication

- Hotel quality linen and in house professional housekeeping teams

- Friendly personal guest relations teams (that's Amy and Emily, our 'Superstars!')

On top of this, we sprinkled everything that's amazing with our home from home experience

- Spacious accommodation

- Free private parking and gardens

- Super fast free Wifi, Smart TV + Netflix

- Fully equipped kitchens

The result. You save a bundle and enjoy a far better living experience.

"When we visit the area, we're never staying in a hotel again!" - Simon Wraw (Poole)


3, 4 & 5 bedroom homes in Halifax, Brighouse & Huddersfield

Each of our homes is specially chosen. They're in quiet residential areas with garden space. We look for private or ample road side parking, with spacious interiors. Our design team create unique themes based around style and comfort. You'll find a modern kitchen with microwave, oven/hob, dishwashers and plenty of space to relax in front of our Smart TV's with Netflix. Every home has Super-fast Wifi.

Amy and Emily will be on hand if you need them to make sure you have wonderful stay.

Business for good by paying it forward

How uSnooz came about...

Glenn Ackroyd set up uSnooz in order to provide shelter for the homeless. He was inspired by the film "Pay it forward".

The aim was to create a self funding business where income is reinvested to provide support for those in need.

The idea is simple:

When a guest stays for a night, we provide one nights shelter to homeless children and families.

It inspires us to help more people.

To date, our wonderful guests have trusted us to host thousands of nights stays and in turn they've enable us to help the same number of people in the UK and all over the world.

Here's some of the ways our guests have created life changing impacts;

- Every time we get a booking, we plant a tree to support reforestation (inspired by Emily)

- When a guest stays for a month, we empower a women to support her local community (inspired by Amy)

- Every Christmas, we pay for the building of a house for a homeless family in the Philippines

Thank you for supporting us. You're truly amazing :-)

Business for good

The uSnooz Crew

Emily James (+ Kasper)
Amy Flynn (+ Izzy)
Glenn Ackroyd (+ Billy Bantam)